We publish books, games, and visual art projects such as comics and art books.

We are currently open for submissions.

All submissions should be sent to submissions@fenrispublishing.com. Please allow up to two weeks for a response.

General Submission Guidelines
While we are interested in a wide variety of content, we primarily focus on:

  • Anthropomorphic (furry) content of any genre
  • Non-anthropomorphic fiction content of the following genres:
    • Fantasy
    • Science fiction
    • Supernatural (vampires, werewolves, etc.)
  • Non-fiction content which would appeal to people interested in:
    • Animals
    • Medieval history
    • Mythology
    • Adult subcultures

We will consider content for both general (all age) audiences and adult (18+) audiences. Feel free to contact us with questions regarding submission content.


Novel and Novella Submissions
We are interested in all literary works that meet our general content guidelines above. We are only interested in completed works, not concepts or portions of a story. Literature works submitted to us should be between 30,000 and 120,000 words.

What to send for your literature submission:

  • Query Letter: A few paragraphs introducing yourself as an author and the work you're submitting
  • Plot Synopsis: A few pages that review in detail the plot, characters, conflict, and resolution of your story (leave nothing out, include spoilers)
  • A .doc, .docx, .pdf, or .odt file of the work you would like us to consider


Comic, Graphic Novel, & Art Compilation Submissions
We will consider a wide variety of visual art submissions including comic books, graphic novels, and art compilations. Illustrations should ideally be at least 300 DPI (600 is better) and optimized for CMYK if they are in color.

What to send for your art submission:

  • Query Letter: A few paragraphs introducing yourself as an artist and the work you're submitting
  • Content Synopsis: Summarize in detail the content of your work
  • A .zip file containing the work you would like us to consider (files sent for submission review should be compressed, such as .jpg or .png files)


Game Submissions
We are willing to consider a variety of different types of games for publication. We are only interested in reviewing fully-designed or near-complete games that have been prototyped and tested.

To submit a game for review, please prepare a 1-3 page .pdf file that contains a detailed overview of your game, how the rules work, how it plays, and what pieces/figures/parts/boards are required to play. This should not be a simple teaser, but should go into full depth and details as much as possible.


Other Submissions
We will also consider other content on a case-by-case basis (e.g. calendars, CD's, DVD's, playing cards, etc.). If you have a project you would like us to consider publishing, please send it to us and we will review it.


Distribution & Fulfillment
If you would like our help with distribution or fulfillment, visit our Services page.