In addition to publishing, we offer a variety of other services including physical product warehousing and distribution, digital product online distribution, and crowdfunding order fulfillment. Please contact us if you would like to inquire.

Unlike other digital distribution services, we can get your product in front of an audience already shopping for similar content. All products on our store are screened for content and quality and we stand by everything that we sell. Not all submissions for distribution will be accepted.

Digital PDF Distribution
Have you created a digital PDF product that you would like to sell? We can help with our digital distribution system! We offer competitive compensation for digital sales through our system. PDFs we distribute are watermarked with the purchaser's e-mail address to discourage unauthorized distribution.

Physical Product Distribution
Do you have a physical book, comic, or game that you've self published or otherwise own the distribution rights to? Let us distribute it for you! We will manage the warehousing, order fulfillment, packaging, and shipping for you and you can relax and receive a monthly check or PayPal payment. Just direct your customers to our store and you're done.

Crowdfunding Fulfillment
Are you running a crowdfunding campaign and are daunted by what will be involved with fulfillment? Let us help! For a reasonable fee, we will help you package and ship your Kickstarter or similar crowdfunding campaign items all over the world, whether it's a few dozen or a few thousand or more.